What Appears in a Notarized Letter Sample?

A notarized letter should contain information on what the issue is, such as a legal will, a sworn statement or another issue. It should include additional space for the notary’s information, including name, address and notary seal. The date the letter was signed is also important to have on the form, plus contact information for the person creating the document, according to NotaryExpress.com.

A notary letter is a form that a person fills out with information regarding the issue and then takes to a notary public. A notary public is a public officer whose job it is to hear sworn statements and sign documents from the public. About.com explains that the notary watches the person sign the document prior to signing it himself. Notaries must sign public documents, such as last will and testament or power of attorney, to ensure an individual has not been coerced into making the document. The notary makes the document legal.

There are several sample notary letters available online for reference. Using a notary letter is ideal when documentation is needed to prove that the signer appeared before the notary on a certain date.

Some cities require a notarized letter when home owners want to make changes to their home or neighborhood. Some of these cities have sample letters which address these concerns on their websites.