How Do You Find the APN for Real Estate?

Find the assessor parcel number for a piece of real estate by visiting the county tax assessor's website and checking for a number search tool, which may include a map or search box to locate the number by address. Some real estate companies also include the assessor parcel number on public listings for sold properties. In addition, you can contact the office of the assessor directly to find the number.

An assessor parcel number is a classification that the tax assessor for each county assigns to all property to help track its use, tax status and compliance with other county regulations. As such, many offices of the tax assessor publish this information on their websites or provide an online tool to search for the data. Some sites may allow you to navigate an interactive map to locate the specific parcel and obtain the number, while others may only feature an address search tool to view results.

If the county does not offer such a tool on its website, you must contact the office of the assessor directly to find out the procedure for obtaining the parcel number. You may be able to retrieve the information over the phone through an automated system or by speaking to a representative, though you may have to visit the office in person to check records or fill out a request form. Another options is to check the listing for recently sold homes through a real estate agency, as they often obtain and publish the number for public viewing.