Do Apartments Sometimes Offer Move-in Specials for New Tenants?


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Landlords or property management companies may offer move-in specials for new tenants in the form of waived fees or deposits, one month free or lower rents for longer leases, states Realtor.com. Each type of special faces its own set of pros and cons.

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Waived application fees or security deposits are sometimes offered for new tenants, according to Realtor.com. These discounts may be a good deal, but if the rent is higher than other places, renters may be better off paying the fees.

One month free deals or lower rents for longer leases are other common move-in specials for new tenants. While some places may not require the first month's rent up front, others may simply reduce the monthly rent over the course of the lease to result in one month off. Lower rent for longer leases may be a good deal, but only if the tenants know that they can stay for the duration of the lease.

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