How Do You Find Apartments for Rent in Paris?


To find apartments for rent in Paris, network, check classifieds, browse property websites, or hire a real estate agency. A typical apartment search in Paris takes two to three weeks, states Just Landed.

Some landlords prefer familiar tenants and rely on word of mouth to find them. Networking with family members, friends, work colleagues and classmates can help get results. Talk to as many people as possible to increase the chances of finding an apartment.

Classified advertisements offer a range of options and possibilities when looking for an apartment in Paris. Check property sections on local magazines and newspapers, and call as many numbers as possible. Get familiar with French abbreviations and the system for counting the number of rooms in apartment buildings.

Find out which property websites the locals use when searching for apartments. Most websites are free to use, but some require the user to pay a fee to obtain contact information.

Lastly, hire a real estate agency if you are in a rush to find an apartment or have exhausted all other avenues. It may be more straightforward to find an apartment through an agency than dealing directly with a landlord. Real estate agencies charge a fee for their services, typically the equivalent of a month’s rent. Negotiating with the agent may result in a better price, especially if the apartment has been vacant for a long time.