How Do You Find Apartments for People Over 50?

Users can find apartments for people over 50 years old by scouring the offerings on websites such as and Other sites where users can search for accommodations suitable for senior citizens include and allows users to search for three forms of senior living communities. These are independent living communities, which are ideal for senior citizens who are in minimal need of assistance; assisted living communities, which are ideal for seniors who require limited assistance; and nursing homes, which are for senior citizens in need of skilled nursing care.

Independent living communities typically charge a basic rate for standard services and additional fees for more specialized services, explains Some of the standard offerings that these communities provide are transport for medical, shopping and other off-site activities; one to three daily professionally prepared meals; a variety of engaging social activities; and housekeeping services, which typically include towel and linen laundry. The basic rate may also cover maintenance repairs and all utilities, excepting cable and local telephone services.

The factors affecting retirement living costs generally vary by specific community, services on offer, location and size of apartment or dwelling, states In 2012, the average monthly cost of living in a one-bedroom dwelling in U.S. retirement communities was $2,750.

To improve access for senior citizens and the disabled, certain statutory requirements apply to multifamily buildings with elevators that saw their first occupiers after March 13, 1991, notes the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. These include the requirement for halls and doors to be wide enough to admit wheelchairs, and the stipulation for bathroom walls to be strong enough to allow installation of grab bars.