How Do You Find Apartment Reviews and Ratings?

How Do You Find Apartment Reviews and Ratings? is a comprehensive source for the most current apartment ratings and reviews. It is the largest online rating community for apartment rentals, according to the company website, and it also provides a detailed chart that shows how much others in similar apartments pay in rent.

From the home page, start your search by inputting either the apartment name or the city and state of the apartment in the search field. On the next screen, select the apartment you want to view, which generates a list of apartment reviews. It also reveals the total number of reviews, the recommended reviews percentage, and the city average percentage. The Details tab gives information about the apartment unit and its amenities.

There are two other ways to begin a basic apartment search on the website. Click Find Apartments at the top of the screen, which directs you to a page with options to begin searching for an apartment. Search for apartments by entering the apartment name, city, state or ZIP code. There is also an option for a more detailed search that allows you to select the number of bedrooms and bathrooms. For more features and personal assistance, sign up to become a member of the online community or log in to an existing account.