How Do You Get an Apartment With Bad Credit?


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Seeking out landlords that don't perform credit checks and obtaining letters of recommendation from previous landlords that verify timely rent payments are two ways to get an apartment with bad credit. In addition, having sufficient income to pay rent each month may also help.

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  1. Visit privately owned apartments

    Visit privately owned apartments instead of apartment complexes owned by corporations or management groups. Landlords who own or manage privately owned apartments may or may not require a credit check if potential tenants have a steady income or can find a cosigner with good credit. Apartment complexes owned by corporations typically require a credit check and good credit standing to qualify for a lease.

  2. Obtain letters of recommendation from previous landlords

    Contact previous landlords to ask for letters of recommendation that verify timely rent payments. In some cases, these recommendation letters along with proof of income and a rent deposit may be enough to secure a rental agreement, even if a credit check is requested.

  3. Demonstrate your ability to pay rent each month

    Provide pay stubs, letters of employment or bank statements for the past two or three months to verify your income and employment status. Proof of sufficient income along with a larger-than-average rent deposit could minimize the effects of having less-than-perfect credit.

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