How Do You Find an Apartment That Accepts New Tenants With Evictions?

To find an apartment that accepts new tenants with evictions, search for landlords who do not consider the credit reports of new tenants, or search for an apartment through rental brokers or apartment locators, states SFGate. Explaining reasons for your previous eviction may also convince the new landlord.

A credit report typically contains a record of the tenant's eviction, says SFGate. To be sure that an apartment does not look at the credit report, ask the apartment owner if the report is a prerequisite for renting the apartment before paying any rental application fees.

An apartment locator or rental brokerage service may be able to search for rental apartments that evicted tenants qualify to rent, explains SFGate. To use these services, notify them that you are looking for a rental apartment that accepts tenants with previous evictions. Before allowing the broker or locator to search for the apartment, consider the fee that the company charges you for the service.

A solid eviction explanation may help convince your prospective landlord about your ability to pay rent, notes SFGate. For instance, an eviction as a result of landlord's failure to do house maintenance is one reason that may not prevent your next landlord from renting his apartment to you. Additionally, you can offer to pay your prospective landlord a reasonable security deposit to demonstrate your ability to pay rent.