Is Anthem Insurance a Good Health Provider?

According to Top Ten Reviews, Anthem BlueCross BlueShield insurance scores highly when compared to similar products by other providers, especially in the family coverage category while the Better Business Bureau's Business Review rates Anthem with an A+ based on resolution of customer issues. The health provider average score on Top Ten Reviews is 80, with the BlueCross BlueShield plan scoring 85 for individual, and 90 for family plans.

Anthem is owned and operated by WellPoint, a large health insurance company that provides a number of similar products under different brands.

Some advantages of Anthem's BlueCross BlueShield plan include the ability to easily add additional insurance types to an existing plan, as well as the fact that the standard plan offers 360 health programs.

According to BBB Business Review, the company has a low complaint volume given its size. That said, the small amount of customer reviews on BBB Business Review are negative.

The BlueCross Blue Shield plan is also fairly affordable, although prices vary depending on health conditions, lifestyle choices, and so on, making them an effective choice for individuals on a budget.

While the family plans are rated quite highly, they are significantly more expensive than individual plans. This may mean that Anthem are not cost effective for many families.

One major disadvantage of Anthem plans is the state coverage. The BlueCross BlueShield plan for example, only covers 12 states.