How Do You Answer Self-Evaluations?


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Be specific when you praise yourself, but also show an awareness of your shortcomings. View the self-evaluation as a chance to show all of your strengths and neutralize the effects of any possible negatives. Treat the questions as opportunities rather than attempts to trip you up.

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Because more and more employees do their work independently and make decisions autonomously, managers in many companies are not as aware of the tasks that their employees complete on a regular basis. Instead of using such words as "great" or "good" to describe one's accomplishments, the best answers on a self-evaluation reference specifics. This includes the names of specific projects, as well as specific instances when you have gone above and beyond to benefit the company. Don't just write that you collaborate well with others. Instead, explain that you came in six Saturdays in a row to ensure that a specific group project was finished on time.

Since no one is perfect, no self-evaluation should be free of flaws either. Take ownership of your own flaws by revealing the areas in which you need to develop, and include your plans for growing so that those areas have less effect on your work performance over time.

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