How Do You Answer Questions About Why You Want to Be a Teacher?


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In an interview, a candidate can discuss his or her teaching philosophy as to why they want to be a teacher. Being candid with his or her intention and passion to impart knowledge to prospective students is crucial when answering a question on why someone wants to be a teacher.

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When describing his or her teaching philosophy, the interview candidate must enumerate concrete points and processes that align with the school's administration and learning environment. One must define precise classroom plans including: implementing parent-teacher interactions, using specific technologies to aid in learning and offering students with one-on-one consultations. The candidate must express willingness to adapt their teaching style according to the needs of the school.

The candidate may relate a short anecdote of what inspired them to become a teacher to demonstrate honest intentions to teach. For instance, they could describe how they want to take the same course in life as his former mentors. Discussing a passion for teaching by sharing past experiences in which there was a positive, significant effect toward impressionable children would also be beneficial.

Schools ask why candidates want to become teachers to gauge their genuine interest in educating students, as opposed to purely getting the job for financial security and other benefits. They seek candidates who believe in successful teaching as a satisfying experience and worthwhile career.

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