How Do You Answer the Question "what Skills Would You Bring to the Job?"

Job candidates must attribute themselves with hard and soft skills that are relevant to the job. In addition to educational background, past work experience, and other qualifications, hiring managers consider hard and soft skills in assessing the capabilities of candidates to effectively perform the job and create healthy relationships in the workplace.

Hard skills are tangible, measurable skills that candidates learn by studying and training. Specific jobs require specific sets of hard skills. For instance, candidates applying for a job that involves international travel may list their proficiency in foreign languages to set themselves apart from other candidates. Candidates in marketing positions may describe their expertise on social media, project management and information technology.

Though harder to quantify, soft skills determine the interpersonal compatibility of candidates in the workplace. Examples of soft skills are teamwork, time management, commitment, and patience. Some jobs may emphasize specific skills that are necessary for the job. A job that primarily consists of group projects, for instance, requires an employee with great communication and collaboration skills.

Job listings often indicate the required skills to apply for the job. To impress hiring managers, candidates must not only mention these minimum qualifications but also describe their unique skills during an interview. Candidates need to demonstrate their skills to the hiring manager through concrete examples.