How Do You Answer the Question "Why Are You Interested in Working for Our Company"?

To effectively answer this important interview question, you need to research the company and prepare a response that shows that your values and interests align with the organizational culture. One strategy is to show alignment with a key philosophy or value, such as in the answer, "I have always respected your company's emphasis on environmental responsibility, and I have a strong personal passion for the environment as well."

In some cases, job applicants have been referred to an employer or know someone who works for the company. To highlight the value of the employer and the personal connection, another response is, "My friend John is currently a manager in the operations area, and he indicated that my interests and abilities are a great fit for your business and department."

When a business is growing, a candidate has an excellent opportunity to highlight personal ambition as well. An appropriate answer to this interview question is, "I've followed your company's growth in the region for the last few years, and I really see this as a tremendous opportunity to get involved with the success."

From a hiring manager's perspective, ideal answers demonstrate both the candidate's values and passions, which allows for comparison to the company culture.