How Do You Answer Phone Interview Questions?


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To answer a phone interview question, a person needs to prepare by researching the prospective company, creating a comfortable speaking environment and articulating specific credentials, according to Forbes. These actions help convince the interviewer of a candidate's value.

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Phone interviews can be scheduled or unscheduled. With scheduled interviews, it is much easier to prepare as necessary. Company research is critical, and professional networks such as LinkedIn contain all of the information need to better understand an organization's culture. Most interviewers ask questions related to interest in the prospective job. Therefore, it is critical for a person to become familiar with basic company information to demonstrate a sincere level of interest.

A person should also have his resume on hand when answering phone interview questions. This technique keeps all relevant information readily available in anticipation of questions about any prior career success. Having the necessary documentation on hand also fosters a more comfortable speaking environment. Additionally, the interviewer should always be referred to with a formal title, such as Mr. or Mrs. This grammatical tip may seem trivial, but it is always important to convey professionalism throughout the interview process. Finally, a person undertaking a phone interview should always allow the interviewer to speak first. Too often do interview candidates interrupt, which can lead to misunderstanding for both parties.

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