How Do You Answer Interview Scenario Questions?


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To answer interview scenario questions, provide the specific steps you would take to solve the problem, making sure that those steps demonstrate the qualities the company wants in an employee. If you have encountered similar situations in your career, describe the actions you took then in your answer. Practicing these types of questions with a friend or colleague is one way to learn how to answer them quickly and effectively.

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Interviewers usually ask scenario questions to test an applicant's problem solving skills and determine if the way an applicant handles situations fits within the company's expectations. The first step in answering a scenario question is figuring out the appropriate response for a scenario. Since there may be multiple appropriate responses, choose the response that feels the most natural. One way to get more time to think and possibly impress the interviewer is to ask a clarifying question about the scenario. This shows the interviewer that you gather information and use critical thinking to solve problems.

Provide specific steps to avoid rambling or getting off topic with the answer. Interviewers want applicants who stay focused. The actions you take in your answer should demonstrate the qualities the company wants for the position, so the answer shows that you're a good fit.

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