How Do I Answer Interview Questions About Why I Am Applying for a Position?

Answer interview questions about why you are applying for a position by listing reasons the company is good to work for and qualities of the position that you especially appreciate. Explain how your experience and skills line up with the job and how it can challenge you.

Before the interview, research the company. Uncover a few details that stand out to you — for example, a focus on a quantitative approach, rotating training teams or telecommuting flexibility. If the business's website does not provide sufficient information, talking with a current or former employee may provide the insight you need. Also prepare to explain how your experience and skills fit with the job. If you're switching fields or industries, your skills may be a better area of focus than experience because you can discuss transferable skills and new applications for them in the job. Explain how the position stands to challenge you and where it fits in regards to your career development.

Avoid saying such things as you need the money or that the organization is in a sector you have always been curious about. Also stay away from saying you are only using the position to later find a better job with the same company.