How Do You Answer the Interview Question "what Is Your Weakness?"


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When asked the question "What is your weakness?" in a job interview, the best policy is to discuss a non-essential job skill or talk about a characteristic that can be a positive in the specific job situation. Another possibility is to discuss a skill you have improved.

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Asking a prospective employee to describe his weakness is a typical interview question used to find out if the employee has a flaw that might be pertinent to the job. The best policy is to turn this question on its head and discuss something unrelated to the job or something easily construed as positive. Do not use the word weakness back at the interviewer when describing the non-essential skill or characteristic.

An example of a non-essential skill is to say you struggle with group presentations in a job that is unlikely to consider that essential. A characteristic weakness might be considering yourself a perfectionist and taking a long time on projects because of your need to get everything just right. The other option is discussing an improved skill, but make sure that it is not a skill related to the job you applied for. Instead, choose something you were weak at in your last job, but improved during the time you were there.

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