How Do You Answer HR Interview Questions?


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The best way to answer HR interview questions is to be as honest as possible. Questions may range in nature from basic information gathering to more involved questions about why a person left previous employment and what his current professional goals are. Human Resource interviews often serve as a screening process for prospective employees, and if all goes well, applicants move to the next stage of the company's hiring process.

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Many of the questions asked in HR interviews are open-ended and should be answered with intelligent, informed and well-thought-out answers. Giving some prior thought to why the company and a particular job are appealing helps when answering common HR screening questions, such as, "What do you know about the company?" and "Why are you applying for this job?"

Talk about previous or current employment in a positive light, even if the experiences have been unpleasant. Find a way to put an uplifting spin on what worked well and what could have been better. Emphasize the desire to incorporate any positive changes or ideas into the new position.

Jot down a few questions that can be asked at the end of the interview. In most HR interviews, applicants are asked if they have any questions for the interviewer; therefore, it's good to be prepared with knowledgeable questions and feedback that indicate a high level of interest and appreciation for the interview opportunity.

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