How Do You Answer Behavioral-Based Interview Questions?


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Answer a behavioral-based interview question with the citation of an example from previous employment that adequately explains an individual contribution. According to Columbia College’s Grossnickle Career Services Center, employers ask behavioral-based interview questions to find specific predictors of on-the-job reactions. These questions require answers that relate skills to actions and results.

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Preparation helps job candidates properly recall answers during the interview process. Candidates start with the job description to identify key skills that the employer requires. This includes the ability to handle stress well, meet deadlines or serve in a supervisory role. These skills match with events in employment or extracurricular history. Job seekers create a list of actual experiences that complement each skill. Each example must include the outcome of the situation as well, such as an increase in profits or satisfactory progress on an assignment. Job candidates that take the time to compile a list have an inventory of examples ready to curtail to the exact question. Each answer must be succinct and elaborate on the initial situation, specific actions the candidate takes and the end result.

Behavioral-based interview questions are a good indicator of future employer behavior as well. When it comes time for the job candidate to ask questions, it is a good idea to include questions for the employer in a behavioral-based format as well.

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