What Are Some ANSI Specifications?


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Some American National Standards Institute specifications include ladder safety, fall protection safety, construction safety, clothing and equipment safety, and workplace surfaces safety. A new ANSI standard, ANSI/SEA Z308.1-2015, redefines standards for workplace first aid kits and supplies.

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An ANSI standard represents unified field theory in the United States as to procedures and materials in a clearly defined area such as occupational health and safety. For instance, ANSI/SEA Z308.1-2015 specifies the minimum requirements for workplace first aid kits and supplies – not just their contents, but how well the materials must perform to be compliant with the standard in different work environments. Based on the number of users, degree of hazard and complexity of work, the standard specifies the number and kind of items in the kit. Different containers for kits are also rated according to their portability and resistance to water, corrosion and impact.

Not limited to occupational health and safety standards, ANSI is instrumental in establishing national standards for the workplace. Because of ANSI’s work, for instance, minimum standards exist for manufacturing safe ladders, lifts and scaffolds. ANSI standards have led to non-flammable work clothing and reinforced footwear as well as procedures to prevent falls and to stay safe on construction sites.

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