What Are Some Android Device Management Tools for Businesses?

There is a number of applications for Android-based devices that are designed to make managing small businesses easier such as Skype, QuickBooks, Expense Manager, Google Calendar and PayPal. Such apps can prove helpful in the areas of communication, time management, accounting, expense management and payroll management. These apps can also help in organizing the business and increasing its profitability, notes NerdWallet.com.

For communication purposes, Skype is one of the most established applications for video conferencing. The Skype Android app is free and also enables the use of a phone or tablet's front-facing camera, which is a standard among most mobile devices for video chat, notes BusinessNewsDaily.com.

QuickBooks for Android is the mobile version of the popular accounting software, and it can be downloaded from the Google Play store for a fee. Although the Android application is not as full-featured as its desktop counterpart, it can accomplish a number of helpful tasks such as tracking sales, sending invoices and reviewing recent payments.

Expense Manager is a free finance application that helps keep track of expenses. It comes in an intuitive, user-friendly interface that can display expenses in visual graphs.

While there are several free time management apps that are available, the advantage of Google Calendar is that it integrates with other mobile Google apps such as those on Google Drive. PayPal is another of the most widely used payment platforms on the Internet and it is a convenient way to incorporate online payment transactions in a business.