What Is the Anatomy of a Check?


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The anatomy of a check includes bank information, a personalization area, a pay-to line, dollar box and a signature line, states 4checks. A check also include the routing, account and check numbers.

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The personalization area of a check provides up to five lines for information about the account holder or holders, including names, address, phone number and driver's license number, relates 4checks. Bank information includes the name of the bank and the address of the home branch. The pay-to line identifies the person or business to which the check is written. The numerical value of the amount in dollars goes in the dollar box, and the line below the pay-to line makes room for the amount to be spelled out in words. Every check has a signature line, and the check must be signed by one of the official account holders for the check to be valid.

Three important numbers at the bottom of the check allow for quick processing, adds 4checks. The routing number appears first on the bottom line of the check, and it is nine digits long. After the routing number comes the individual account number, and it's followed by the check number. The check number also appears on the top right-hand corner of the check.

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