How Do You Analyze Historical Mutual Fund Quotes?

How Do You Analyze Historical Mutual Fund Quotes?

To analyze historical mutual fund quotes, find an investment analysis website that offers historical price data and compare the data to current price quotes. Other important data to make comparisons include year-to-date returns and price changes, as reported by Investopedia.

Run through the following steps to analyze historical mutual fund quotes online.

  1. Find a website with investment data
  2. Several websites provide data for investment products such as mutual funds. These include MSN Money, Yahoo Finance and the Nasdaq website.

  3. Search for a fund
  4. Search for a specific mutual fund to pull up data.

  5. View historic data
  6. Click through the information on the page to find historical prices and other data. Compare historical prices to current prices, view changes over time and look at other data such as news. Some websites such as Nasdaq dedicate entire website sections to historical data. Find the section for historical quotes and search for funds by symbols, as shown on

  7. Select a time frame
  8. Some websites such as Nasdaq allow users to view historical data within a specific period. To view data within a specific time frame, choose one of the pre-determined periods. The time frames range from five days to 10 years as of 2015.