How Do You Analyze Dow Jones Industrial Average Stock Prices by Month?


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Utilize the Yahoo! Finance and MarketWatch websites to find historical prices and associated charts for the Dow Jones Industrial Average index. Compare the historical prices to other indexes, or use advanced tools in the chart to track overall performance.

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Set a date range on the Yahoo! Finance website, and specify the period as monthly. The associated table then displays the date, the open price, the high price, the low price, the close price, the average trading volume and the adjusted close price for that particular period. Yahoo! Finance also provides a summary section, interactive charts, and related news headlines to analyze the DJIA index.

MarketWatch offers an advanced stock chart, and volume and MACD indicators, notes the organization's website. Select the appropriate monthly time period from the options menu. Compare the DJIA to another index or industry segment such as accounting, biotechnology, construction, health care or machinery. Enter the appropriate upper indicator and lower indicator options. Choose from price display options such as bar charts, mountains or candlesticks. MarketWatch also offers news and historical quotes to analyze past performance. The DJIA is comprised of stocks of large corporations, including American Express, Goldman Sachs, Johnson & Johnson, Nike, Pfizer and Visa, notes CNN Money.

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