What Are Some Analysts' Opinions About Halliburton Stock?


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As of August 2015, 15 analysts give Halliburton Company a "strong-buy" rating, according to Nasdaq. Two analysts for the site give it a "buy" rating, while seven recommend that investors hold their shares. One believes the stock is set to underperform, but none recommend that investors sell their stakes.

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A strong-buy recommendation indicates that an analyst believes a stock is set to significantly outperform the market, explains Investopedia. A standard buy opinion, also known as a "moderate buy," shows analyst confidence that the stock should outperform the market, but only slightly. "Sell" opinions represent analyst views' that investors should immediately liquidate their stake in a company due to poor future performance, while analysts issue underperform ratings when they feel a stock is going to generate a return somewhat below market expectations.

TheStreet gave Halliburton a "hold" rating in July 2015, which it based on its view that the company's net income is deteriorating and its return on equity and margin are underwhelming. TheStreet also assigned the company a three out of five star rating with a C+ grade overall.

Zacks rates Halliburton as a buy, notes the Dakota Financial News. This is based on the company exceeding expectations in its second quarter results for 2015 due to a commitment to contain costs and efforts to use an industry downturn as an opportunity to push inexpensive products. The reviewer also cites Halliburton's imminent acquisition of its competitor, Baker Hughes, as a sign of future economies of scale.

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