What Does an Analyst Do?


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Analysts acquire and analyze data for patterns or trends, in order to find problems and solutions for their organization. An analyst will often identify a problem, then spend additional time studying data in order to discover and present a solution to the problem that they identified.

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Analyst's roles can vary greatly depending on the needs of their employer. In some companies, analysts are used to solve problems with business processes. The analyst provides gap analysis, or root cause analysis, in order to identify the true nature of a problem and possible solutions for the problem.

Other companies use analysts to acquire information and requirements from their customers. The analyst will be asked to communicate with the customer and relay the customers needs to a programming or software solutions team. This type of work requires the analyst to be proficient understanding the business level needs of the client, as well as the technical and software solution capabilities of his own company.

The analyst must have a well rounded base of knowledge and excellent communications skills. The role of analyst, no matter what company employs the analyst, requires that the analyst can clearly and concisely present the problems that they have found and the best solutions to those problems.

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