What Is Amscot Check Cashing?

Amscot is a financial institution that calls itself "The Money Superstore," and it offers an array of services, including the ability to cash many different types of checks. Customers have the ability to receive cash immediately for paychecks, tax return refunds, cashier's checks, traveler's checks, government checks and more. Amscot has locations throughout the state of Florida.

To cash a check at an Amscot location, customers must show government-issued photo identification, such as a driver's license, passport or military ID. The check needs to be presented by the person to whom it is issued, and the name must match the name on the identification source.

Amscot charges a fee for check cashing, ranging from a flat fee for small amounts to a percentage of the total for larger amounts. Rates vary according to the source of the check, with different charges for computer-generated, local payrolls checks and those issued by the government. Tax-refund checks have a flat percentage rate, regardless of the amount. Cashier's, insurance and handwritten checks all carry varying rates. Personal checks and money orders are cashed at the highest per-transaction rates unless the money order is one originally issued at an Amscot branch, regardless of the location. In addition to local and in-state checks, Amscot also cashes out-of-state and international checks.