What Are Some Ameristar Blackhawk Coupons Available Online?

What Are Some Ameristar Blackhawk Coupons Available Online?

The only way to get Ameristar Blackhawk Resort and Spa coupons is to enroll in its Pinnacle MyChoice program, as of 2015. Membership provides a membership card that can be shown to a dealer or inserted into a slot machine to receive credit for money and time spent playing. The company uses this information to send customers targeted discounts on games, dining and shopping at the hotel.

The Pinnacle MyChoice program also has a feature called mycash. Mycash is redeemable at double face value for resort shopping, lodging and food--meaning that $1 of mycash buys $2 worth of stuff. Mycash can also be used on slot machines on a 1:1 ratio with real money. Finally, hotel guests can cash in mycash for actual cash at 50 real cents per mycash dollar. Mycash expires after six months of inactivity.

The Pinnacle MyChoice program is split into five tiers: Choice, Advantage, Preferred, Elite and Owner's Club. All members begin at the Choice level and can advance by earning tier points. Customers earn one tier point for every $5 spent on a slot machine and every $10 spent on video poker. Table games generate tier points as well, with the number contingent on the particular game, time spent playing and average bet. It takes 2,000 points to earn the Advantage tier, 15,000 for Preferred, 50,000 for Elite and 175,000 for the Owner's Club. These points are never spent, meaning that the 2,000 that earned the Advantage tier also count towards subsequent tiers. Everything resets at the end of each year, however.

All tiers get access to the discounts above. Higher tiers get exclusive access to perks such as VIP treatment in lines, lounge access and personal casino hosting.

Discount hotel-booking sites such as TripAdvisor.com and Hotels.com can be used to secure good deals at Ameristar Blackhawk.