What Are Some Facts About American Mercenary Combat Training?


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American mercenary combat training is a grueling process designed to challenge the candidates' physical and emotional ability. Training may be abusive and unduly harsh. Recruiters often place unreasonable demands and place candidates in impossible situations to see how they react under pressure and to determine their suitability for the job.

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The purpose of training is to identify the mentally and physically strong individuals for acceptance and reveal candidates who are not physically or emotionally up for the job.

Having prior military experience with an honorable discharge, previous work in law enforcement and fluency in a second language are all assets and make candidates more attractive to recruiters.

American mercenary combat training may also be somewhat inadequate in some instances and thrust the mercenary into situations he is ill-equipped to handle. Recruiters may have failed to properly assess the political environment, the strength of the opposition and the degree of danger involved and may be unprepared for the degree of combat experienced.

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