What Are Some American Made Products?

Harley-Davidson motorcycles, Gibson guitars and Wonder Bread are products manufactured in America. Weber grills and Earnest Sewn jeans also make the list of American-made products.

William Harley and Arthur and Walter Davidson manufactured the first Harley-Davidson motorcycle in 1903. The company, headquartered in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, continues to sell motorcycles worldwide.

Orville Gibson began making guitars in the 1890s and sold his name to a group music store owners and lawyers in 1902. Music legends, including Johnny Cash and Elvis Presley, played Gibson guitars, and skilled luthiers still make the guitars by hand as of 2015.

Wonder Bread has been manufactured in America for 85 years. Wonder Bread sells approximately 127 million loaves annually.

Weber grills have been manufactured in America since 1952. Weber has not changed the design of its grills since they were first manufactured. Weber manufactures two models outside of the United States, but its charcoal grills are still manufactured in Illinois.

Earnest Sewn jeans are made in California. All processes, from design to finish, take place on American soil. The denim is also washed in California prior to making the jeans. Earnest Sewn jeans are sold for higher prices than jeans made outside of the United States, which reflects the quality of the jeans.