What Amenities Are Available at The Villages in Florida?

What Amenities Are Available at The Villages in Florida?

The Villages retirement community in Florida offers movie theaters, restaurants, retail stores and boutiques, according to The Villages. Additional on-site amenities include health care centers, a long-term acute care hospital, fitness centers and a VA outpatient clinic.

The Villages also has polo grounds, softball fields, a woodworking shop and swimming pools. Neighborhood recreation centers offer horseshoe pits, shuffleboard courts and resident-only swimming pools, says The Villages.

The Villages also has larger village recreation centers featuring fully equipped kitchens, billiard rooms, and meeting rooms for group activities and clubs, notes The Villages. Family pools and tennis courts are also available at village recreation centers.

The most expansive of the recreation centers located in The Villages are the regional recreation centers, states The Villages. The regional recreation centers offer pottery facilities, large venues with stages for productions, basketball courts, and sports pools that host activities such as water aerobics, lap swimming and water volleyball.

The Villages also features Houses of worship, live entertainment and special events, including festivals and parades. Free lifetime membership to The Villages' golf courses is another available perk for residents, advises The Villages. The toll free number for The Villages is 800-245-1081, and the local number is 352-753-2270.