How Do You Amend a Federal Tax Return?


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To file an amended return with the Internal Revenue Service, collect your documents, gather the appropriate forms, complete Form 1040X and file your return either through regular postage or electronically, notes the TurboTax website. File an amended return if you made an error on a previous return or if you came across new information.

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Documents to collect include the original return and any paperwork supporting the amendment. Such documentation includes deduction forms, W-2 forms or any other forms not originally included. The Internal Revenue Service offers an online database to download all appropriate forms for an amendment. Certain tax filing software also provides information on filing an amended return, notes the TurboTax website. When amending a return, it isn't always appropriate to amend the whole return but just the areas requiring change.

After gathering all documentation and forms, access Form 1040X from the Internal Revenue Service website. This form has three columns representing the original amount, amended amount and difference. Be sure to enter your taxpayer identification number on the 1040X. Attach all appropriate documentation to Form 1040X and include in one package. Note that a federal amendment can require changes to associated state returns as well. If the amendment results in an increase in tax liability, be sure to include the additional payment with the return.

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