How Do Amazon Rewards Cards Work?

Applicants approved for the Amazon Rewards credit card from Chase receive a $30 gift card for purchases at Amazon, as of September 2015. Other benefits for cardholders include three percent back on all Amazon purchases made with the card, two percent back on purchases at select grocery stores, drugstores and gas stations and one percent back on all other purchases.

The Amazon Rewards credit card from Chase carries no annual fee and has no caps on cardholder earnings. Customers may trade their points earned when making purchases at Amazon, with 100 points equalling $1 in credit deducted from the total order.

Interest rates for the Amazon Rewards credit card run from 14.24 to 22.24 percent, as of September 2015. Cash advance interest rates incur a 24.99 percent interest rate, as do overdraft advances. Balance transfers incur fees of $5 or three percent, whichever is greater, while cash advances cost $10 or five percent, whichever is greater. Balances paid off completely by the due date incur no interest.

This card charges late fees of $15 for balances below $100, $25 for balances between $100 and $250 and $35 for balances over $250. Return payment fees run $25, but the card charges no fees for returned checks or incidences when the balance goes over the credit limit.