Why Am I the Best Candidate for the Job?

An applicant can explain why he's the best candidate for the job by enumerating his qualifications that correspond to the job listing and relating past work experiences and accomplishments. He must provide a succinct explanation that makes him prominent among other applicants.

The job applicant must anticipate the hiring manager to ask why he would be the best fit for the job, which is a common job interview question and a great opportunity to showcase his qualifications. He can prove that he is well-qualified for the job by mentioning all his pertinent skills, interests and experience. In addition, he can show commitment and strength of character by explaining why the job is his primary choice to move his career forward. The candidate must sell himself with a great level of confidence, but he must not exaggerate his qualifications to avoid leaving a pretentious impression on the hiring manager.

So that the job applicant stands out from other candidates, he must detail his unique traits and exceptional certifications. For instance, he may talk about his proficiency on a new, up-and-coming software that very few know about. He may explain that his years of experience from a similar job gives him advantage over other candidates. Licenses and certifications from esteemed institutions add further credibility and help convince the hiring manager of the candidate's potential contributions to the company.