How Does the Allstate Drivewise Program Work?


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The Allstate Drivewise program requires drivers to plug a special device into their vehicle's on-board diagnostic port that monitors the time of day, miles driven, driving speeds and rate of hard braking. This information is used to provide lower insurance rates to low-mileage drivers who operate their vehicles safely.

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How Does the Allstate Drivewise Program Work?
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Drivers enrolled in the Allstate Drivewise program consent to the insurance company monitoring their driving performance in exchange for lower insurance rates. These rates are recalculated every six months based on a performance score that reflects previous driving behavior. Single events are unlikely to change a driver's performance score significantly, as the scores are determined over time.

Mileage driven comprises a large portion of drivers' performance scores. Those with annual mileage of under 12,000 miles see the most significant rate discounts, while those who drive carefully in daytime hours between 12,000 and 15,000 miles annually also see strong benefits from this program. Drivers who rack up more than 15,000 miles per year are unlikely to see large savings, and those who drive more than 18,000 miles are unlikely to achieve more than a minimal discount.

The device also penalizes drivers who brake hard or drive at speeds of over 80 mph. Night-time drivers also see minimal discounts due to safety issues. Drivers enrolled in the program may view their current performance scores by logging into the official Allstate Drivewise website or by monitoring their performance via smartphone.

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