What Are Some Alcatel-Lucent Retirement Benefits?


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Some of the Alcatel-Lucent retirement benefits include retiree life insurance, a medical plan, prescription drug program, mental health and chemical dependency coverage, and a dental plan. As detailed by Alcatel-Lucent, retirees may also receive other benefits such as a long-term care plan, retirement savings and pensions, and voluntary benefits.

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Health and insurance benefits, which include life insurance, are specifically designed to protect retirees and their families financially. In case of an accident, illness or death, they have full coverage. With these benefits, retirees can enjoy a variety of plan options, including costs and coverage options. The medical plan pays the cost of medical expenses, whether the treatment is for illness or injury. The prescription drug program may also be included, whereby retired employees enjoy coverage of medically necessary drugs prescribed by a doctor.

The dental plan, which is an added benefit, is designed to promote dental health for retirees and their dependants, explains Alcatel-Lucent. If a retired employee enrolls in the retiree medical plan, he is entitled to mental health and chemical dependency benefits. This plan provides retirees and their covered dependants with various treatment options in case of chemical dependency conditions or mental health, both in and out of the network.

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