What Is the Aiken County Online Yard Sale?


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Bookoo.com offers an online yard sale for Aiken County, South Carolina, as of 2016. The site is essentially a local version of Craigslist.com, allowing sellers to post items for free and have their neighbors and prospective buyers check them out. No shipping is involved, as buyers and sellers are close enough to arrange to meet in person and make an exchange. Merchandise available includes antiques, clothing, toys, collectibles and cars.

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Aiken County's Bookoo.com does not charge a transaction fee on completed transactions, instead making money through advertising sales and premium memberships.

Aiken County's Bookoo.com is free to use, but sellers may receive a more comprehensive listing by purchasing an unlimited membership. Free users are limited to 10 active posts at a time with one picture per post, but unlimited members have no limit placed on their active posts and may include up to five pictures in each one. Unlimited members can also write longer descriptions and use bold type in their postings. Registration is open to everyone, but people that live far away from Aiken County may find it difficult to meet with buyers and sellers from the area. Other areas have their own Bookoo service.

Unlike Craigslist.com, Aiken County's Bookoo.com does not support romantic postings or online scams and prohibits the sale of certain items, such as weapons, alcohol, tobacco and adult entertainment. Spamming a post to keep it on top of the list of search results is also not allowed. Members breaking one or more of these rules may be flagged, potentially leading to a post's deletion or the member's expulsion from the site.

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