What Are Some Agricultural Slogans?

Around the globe, there are a number of agricultural slogans being used to help raise awareness about the future of farming. One such slogan, "Feeding the world, caring for the Earth" was used by the Family Farming World Conference held in Bilbao, Spain, in 2011. There are numerous others, such as "Producing more. Conserving more. Improving lives," "If you ate today, thank a farmer" and many more.

As the world population continues to rise, the pressure on the farming industry is increasing. As of 2014, The Nation reports that the number of hungry people in the world has reached almost a billion and is speculated to rise in the upcoming years. It has been estimated that the world's population is on track reach around 9 billion by 2050. In order to feed the this population, the world needs to focus on clean, green and sustainable farming solutions, according to The Nation. This has led people around the world to raise their voices and concerns regarding this situation, and it has given birth to a worldwide movement called "The Food Movement." As the concern for future food safety is becoming a global phenomenon, people around the world are creating slogans of their own to support the cause.