Is Agora Financial Under Indictment?

Although Agora Financial has no known legal issues as of 2015, it was under indictment in 2003, according to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. The complaint against the company was that it was defrauding public investors by claiming to have insider knowledge into different investments and promising specific profits.

In the 2003 indictment against Agora Financial, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission also charged that the company not only claimed insider knowledge, but wilfully disseminated false information to the public investors, explains the SEC. Further information for this case is available at the U.S. Government Publishing Office under Civil Action No. MJG 03 CV 1042.

Agora Financial is a company that provides economic advice and commentary, states Bloomberg Business. The company disseminates this knowledge through a variety of media, including print and electronic publications, conferences and books. Some of the subject matter focuses particularly on energy, oil and gold. It even produced a full-length film about entrepreneurs titled "RISK!"

The company also has an online database of financial articles with topics ranging from fracking and Chinese stocks to inflation and the Bull Market, according the Agora Financial website. Individuals can read many of the articles for no charge, as of 2014, or buy some of the company's books on finance.