What Are Some Agencies That Work With United Way?

United Way partners with many organizations and agencies, including the Trust for America's Health, the Coalition for Community Schools, the Prevention Institute, the National Youth Leadership Council and the Corporation for National and Community Service. United Way and its partners provide donations and volunteer services to help build strong communities.

The Trust for America's Health is a public health policy organization. It works with United Way to draw attention to health issues such as disease prevention, general wellness and public health policy.

The Coalition for Community Schools works to develop neighborhood centers in schools to benefit local children and their families. It implements programs to help children who are struggling in school to make friends, get tutoring and improve their grades.

The Prevention Institute focuses on community health and disease prevention. It works to provide community education to help people live healthier lives.

The National Youth Leadership Council works to develop young people into community leaders. It also strives to help young people succeed in school and in life.

The Corporation for National and Community Service aims to get people of all ages into volunteering to help their communities. It often works with military veterans and their families and schoolchildren who need extra help and guidance to succeed.