What Is the Aflac Cancer Policy for the Insured?

Aflac’s cancer/specified-disease insurance policy is a supplemental policy that provides policyholders with cash benefits for cancer-related expenses, explains the company. It is a policy designed to protect a policyholder from costs not covered in the individual’s main insurance policy.

The cancer/specified-disease insurance policy helps with costs related to out-of-pocket medical expenses, experimental cancer treatments, out-of-network specialists, child care, travel and lodging related to treatment, and other living expenses, notes Aflac. This policy is just one of many supplemental policies offered by Aflac to help individuals cover extra expenses not covered in their original policies. The lump-sum cancer insurance policy is another supplemental policy designed to provide policyholders with a pre-established amount of money for use in the event of a cancer diagnosis. Like the cancer/specified-disease policy, the lump-sum cancer policy covers medical treatments and everyday living expenses.

Aflac offers tools such as the real cost calculator to determine the costs of supplemental policies. Each cancer/specified-disease insurance policy differs depending on the age and gender of the applicant and the severity of the disease, reports Aflac. Additionally, state regulations and restrictions affect any details of a cancer insurance policy. Users can begin an insurance policy application online at the Aflac website or in person with an insurance specialist.