How Do You Find an Affordable Tax Attorney?


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Intensive research and asking for referrals are the best ways to find an affordable tax attorney. It is, however, important not to overlook licensing, experience and credentials when looking for an affordable attorney.

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  1. Ask your employer for discounts

    Some employers offer discounted legal services through employee-assistance programs or specialized programs. There are significant savings in tax attorney fees if this is the case.

  2. Ask for referrals

    Trusted professionals, such as a lawyer or a banker you have previously worked with, can offer valuable information on where to find an affordable tax attorney. Also check with the local bar association to find attorneys in your area, and compare fees.

  3. Check for qualifications

    A tax attorney must have a license to practice and a Juris Doctor at the very least. Depending on the complexity of the case, it is worth paying more for a better qualified attorney, such as a holder of a master of laws in taxation.

  4. Find out if he is right for you

    Pricing shouldn't be the only criteria when looking for a competent tax attorney. Find out if he is the right fit for your situation. Ask about his experience in dealing with your specific type of issue.

  5. Find out how the attorney is to be paid

    Ask if the attorney charges a fixed fee or an hourly rate. Get an estimate of what the total cost is, and evaluate the projected cost based on the attorney's experience and the issues at hand.

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