How Do You Find Affordable Storage Units?

How Do You Find Affordable Storage Units?

Find affordable storage units by visiting and using its storage unit locator tool. also offers customers with low-cost storage units through its various storage centers located across the United States, notes the company's official website. Search for a CubeSmart facility by navigating to the company's official website at contains an extensive database of more than 8,500 storage facilities throughout the United States, with more than two million units available for rent as of 2015. These storage units are suitable for either long-term or short-term usage. Search for affordable storage units within a particular area by following the instructions detailed below.

  1. Visit
  2. Open a Web browser and navigate to

  3. Provide information
  4. Input the relevant ZIP code or city in the search text field. For example, locate storage units in New York City by typing "10001" in the text box.

  5. Submit the query and view results
  6. Click on the Search button to proceed. View a listing of storage units on the results page. also enables users to place online reservations for their preferred location. Additionally, the site makes it convenient to compare storage unit prices, sizes, features and monthly discounts, states As of October 2015, those who reserve and move in using's service receive a $20 rebate.

CubeSmart provides storage solutions that customers can use for discounted prices. As of 2015, this company offers storage unit lessees with up to one month of free usage and up to a 15 percent discount from the regular monthly rental fee.