What Are Some Affordable Places to Buy Land in America?


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As of 2015, the most affordable land in America is in Wyoming, where land is the cheapest per acre. Mississippi, Tennessee and Idaho also qualify due to their low costs of living. Marquette, Kansas offers free land to citizens in an effort to keep the town thriving.

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America's top three most affordable cities are Cleveland, Ohio, with average house prices at $64,993, Riverdale, Georgia, with listings averaging $68,207 and Park Forest, Illinois, with $75,647 house listings, according to Business Insider. All prices are for four-bedroom, two-bathroom houses. Mississippi, Tennessee, Idaho, Indiana and Oklahoma are ranked as the top five states for their affordable costs of living and cheaper than average groceries.

Forbes hails Birmingham, Alabama as America's most affordable town for its housing prices compared to a family's median income. Wyoming has the cheapest land, at an average of $1,600 per acre, and it is suitable for developmental and residential builds.

Marquette, Kansas offers a program that offers free land to build the city's economy. The owner must agree to build a home on the land within one year. The homeowner must agree to make that home his primary residence for at least a year after completing construction on the building.

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