How Do You Afford to Attend College?


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To afford college, an individual can look into financial aid, choose a college with a flexible degree track, ask about gap year penalties and consider the costs of living off campus. A student should think about applying to a prestigious university to take advantage of more scholarships and grants.

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One of the advantages of applying to high-cost colleges is that they often have some of the best financial aid packages. Some of the more expensive schools may have a special no-loan financial aid policy that uses grants rather than loans. The benefit of such policies is that a student might have a better chance of graduating without debt.

It's recommended that a student avoid changing majors since doing so can result in more time spent in college, which can mean more college payments. There are colleges that offer flexible degree programs in which there are several basic courses that students must complete regardless of major or track of study.

An individual should also ask if it's more difficult to receive a scholarship or grant if he chooses to take a year off between high school and college. Some schools actually pay students to take a year off between high school and college if the gap year is related to service.

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