How Does Aetna PPO Dental Insurance Compare to Its Competitors?

How Does Aetna PPO Dental Insurance Compare to Its Competitors?

On a scale of 1-10, Aetna PPO dental insurance plan gets an 8.9, states Top Ten Reviews. For claims payment, it ranks among the highest in a comparison with similar plans.

They have a secure website for applying for coverage, notes Top Ten Reviews. This protects confidential information from being stolen and used inappropriately. The site scrambles information, so even if someone intercepts it, the information is not recognizable.

The dentist locator on Aetna's website allows the user to find a local dentist who accepts Aetna's coverage, according to Top Ten Reviews. Claims can be submitted online. Once a claim has been submitted, Aetna provides tools to track the progress of the claim.

Customer service and support is ranked high for Aetna, as Top Ten Reviews indicates. Its website has a frequently asked questions section that answers questions about the dental plans that are available. Questions can be emailed to get answers from Aetna representatives in a timely manner. It is also possible to call and speak directly with a representative.

Aetna only offers online payment of premiums, according to Top Ten Reviews. This may be a drawback to some people, but it is a time-saving option. Aetna has been in the medical and dental insurance business for a long time, and overall, it offers a very competitive product for dental insurance.