What Does Aetna Dental Insurance Cover?

The exact procedures and services that Aetna dental insurance covers can vary based on the type of policy a consumer has. Examples of procedures that may be covered can include cleanings, composite fillings, prosthetic replacements, root canals, crowns or orthodontic treatment. Some oral surgeries may also be covered.

Some Aetna dental plans have a limit as to how many times per year that a service or procedure can be performed. One example of this is that an Aetna Dental PPO plan will cover two cleanings per year and two routine exams per year, as of January 2015. This plan also allows consumers to receive one set of bitewing X-rays each year, but only one set of full mouth X-rays every three years.

Other examples of things that may be covered by Aetna dental insurance include sealants, periodontal maintenance, space maintainers and missing teeth. Aetna dental insurance may also cover oral surgeries; however oral surgeries could also qualify for coverage under medical insurance. Patients can have their dentists send a pre-treatment estimate to Aetna for predetermination to ensure that the service or procedure would be covered by insurance. This allows consumers to know what their out-of-pocket costs and coverage would be before agreeing to a procedure.