What Is Some Advice for Starting a Magazine?


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Planning a new magazine should start by specifying the target readership, the magazine's topic, and the publication area and frequency. Researching content, market trends and competitors comes next. Before launching the first issue, develop a business plan and prototype, find funding, hire staff, and create content for subsequent issues.

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Develop a profile of the target audience that includes age, gender, education, income level and interests. Make a list of ideas for articles and columns. Decide whether to release the magazine in print, online or both. Consider whether to release an initial print issue nationally or regionally and whether magazine issues should be weekly, monthly or quarterly.

Conduct research for the business plan and to position the magazine. If other magazines on the same subject exist, define what makes this one worth buying.

Investors and advertisers require a business plan and magazine mockup to evaluate. Look for funding from business loans, venture capital and crowdfunding. Decide whether to use employees or freelancers for writing, editing, layout and production. Planning beyond the first issue by building a store of content helps ensure the continuation of the magazine.

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