What Is Some Advice on Simple Living?


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Save money through simple living by identifying and removing any expenses that are not vital to daily life, taking care of items to extend their longevity rather than constantly buying new versions and cooking meals rather than ordering out. Other options include reducing wardrobes to staples with high utility, using alternate methods of transportation and placing a focus on experiences over physical goods.

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The main concept behind simple living is to reduce spending and increase happiness by eliminating unnecessary expenses and practices that make life more complicated, often starting with spending habits on entertainment. This can include stopping a cable subscription in favor of an online streaming service or over-the-air broadcasts, stopping hobbies that require frequent purchases or avoid things such as going to the movies. In these cases, it is important to prioritize the expenses so that the focus is on only those that matter most, rather than simply spending money on goods or services that don't experience proper usage.

Similarly, simple living concepts also focus on caring for items so that they last longer, and thus provide more value. This can range from taking a car for regular tune-ups to purchasing a protective case for a smartphone, with both cases acting as preventative measures to avoid having to buy a new model. Another aspect of simple living is cooking meals, which can carry a much lower cost that eating at restaurants. Simple living also includes a focus on spending time with people in experiences rather than focusing on buying items for enjoyment.

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