Why Is My Advertising Pays Considered a Scam?


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My Advertising Pays is considered a scam because the only way to make money on the site is to "sponsor" other people who make a purchase. The site claims that each $50 credit pack returns $60 without any referrals, but credit packs expire before the 240 days the return requires.

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My Advertising Pays claims to generate money by selling advertising, but each $50 credit pack purchased yields a small daily commission only if a daily advert clicking quota is met. Members click on other people's links to collect their own commission, not to buy whatever is being advertised. The advertising does not reach anyone outside of the My Advertising Pays network, so the adverts are seen exclusively by disinterested eyes. Well-known companies do not advertise on the site for this reason.

The business's high-profile representatives have personal histories of involvement with ponzi schemes. The $5 commission whenever a sponsored person purchases credit packs is the only real source of revenue the company offers, making it easy to label it a ponzi scheme.

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